In honor of Adelaide ~ funding for hepatoblastoma research using Addie's tumor tissue
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    I'm thankful for the efforts of "Addie's Research" and praying for a breakthrough.

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    Cody & Christina Stiverson

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    Honoring the memory of a brave Hepatoblastoma warrior named Quinn who recently lost her battle. Much love and strength to your family.

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    Happy to support! The Holloway Family

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    We love you! Elise, Henry and Caroline Rivers

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    Thinking of you all on Hepatoblastoma Awareness Day. Thank you for your selfless work in promoting research to eradicate this horrible disease. Erin, Clubber, Jane, & Harry

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    So happy to give for Noelle Carter!!!

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    Supporting Addie's Research is so important. Her grandmother was my teacher, my colleague, and is my friend.

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    Lance Vivion

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    Your family continues to inspire everyone. Addie, you are always in our thoughts! - Lance, Nikki, and Caroline

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    Keep up the amazing work

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    In memory of Adelaide for her mouse model. Love Dianne & Ann

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    My prayers for all the family and friends that hold Addie in their hearts. Addie's Research may hold hope and a cure for another sweet child enduring this horrible disease. Addie will never be forgotten , as an angel she flies free, in her parents hearts she remains forever.

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    We are happy to support Addie's Research.

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    Kristina Selstrom

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    Because we believe--in honor of Addie, and a donation in Beau Lange's name.

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    Rachel Barney

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    Mary Chase Doll

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    We are so happy to make this contribution to Addie's Research on behalf of the Friends and Family of Park Hill Dance Academy in Denver, CO

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    Fatma Sahin

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    Edward Gildersleeve

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    With sincerest condolences, The Gildersleeve Family

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    James McGrath

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    Hoping for a cure for childhood cancer. In Addie's honor and in memory of my friend Robert O'Neill.

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    Cynthia Mannino

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    In honor of little Addie. This is from Joe & Cynthia Mannino, Uncle & Aunt to Jess (waterbury) & John Jones.

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    Deborah Valentine

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    Dear Christina, Cody & Mili.... your beautiful Addie will ALWAYS live on in our hearts and minds, until you are re-united with her in heaven someday. Angel Addie will always be smiling down on you from her place in heaven where there is no pain or suffering ... only JOY and LOVE and PEACE which she is wrapped in for eternity... God bless her, and God's strength and peace and consolation be with your whole family in this tremendous loss.

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    Rebecca Mcluskey

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    Maria Martucci

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    I look forward to a future without cancer. Especially without cancer affecting children. I support the research for Addie's cancer and hope it will help other children.

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    AXA Foundation

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    Donna Stutzman

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    Ruth Golub

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    In memory of Addie from USAFA Girls Class of 2001...FIRE IT UP!

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    Robyn Davies

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    Elise Marling

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    Diane Femia

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    With heartfelt sympathy...I'm sending prayers to all of you for continued strength. Diane Femia

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    Marilyn Norman

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    God bless you!

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    Sarah Barnes

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    I am so appreciative to Susan Duhamie, for allowing me to come into her home and party, to raise money for Addie!

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    $76.13 / 770 days ago

    I hope that because of this research, some questions may be answered, and i also hope that it will prevent another child from going through all that Addie went through. -Teeny and Andrew

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    Plainview Old Bethpage Senior C

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    Susan Duhaime

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    Our hearts are with you.

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    Martin Dashevsky

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    Irene Kushner

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    So proud of what you are doing in Addie's memory. Michael and Amy Kern

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    Rachel Staiano

    $100.00 / 778 days ago

    Praying to find a cure for hepatoblastoma. We love you Addie. Your spirit will live forever. Love GiGi and Papa Frank

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    Brian Yun

    $304.50 / 778 days ago

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    Love from Linda & Warren Greene in Texas! Fighting for a cure.

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    Michael Manchak

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    Christina Zimmerman

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    Love and hugs to you all. Hoping that each donation, little and big, helps move forward the research to allow 100% of kids a cure.

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    $1,015.00 / 784 days ago

    We will never forget your smile, your laugh, or your spirit. Your mark has been left on the world and will forever change it sweet Addie! We love you Stiverson's! Jeff and Sarah

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    Thomas Reifsteck

    $203.00 / 786 days ago

    In honor of Addie. God Bless you and your family.

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    Bobbie Fogel

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    Kerri Molloy-Benza

    $25.00 / 786 days ago

    Sweet Addie continues to be in my daily thoughts. I know she's a beautiful angel watching over her little sister!

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    Jennifer Rhodes

    $50.75 / 786 days ago

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    John Davis

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    $321.76 / 787 days ago

    We are so very sorry for your loss. We never had the honor of meeting Addie but know her strength through her story on your pages. We mourn her loss and hope that through your efforts and her sacrifice others my find a cure and be saved.

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    $203.00 / 787 days ago

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    Kali Benda

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    Ian Doneski

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About Addie's Research

[  update 7/7/17:  see also the new 2018 Addie research page at  ]
After months of frustrating ER visits for high fevers, Adelaide 'Addie' was diagnosed in November 2015 with Hepatoblastoma, a rare pediatric liver cancer.  It was just four days before her 2nd birthday. It is estimated that only one out of every million children are diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma and it is typically found in children under three years old.  At the time of her diagnosis, Addie had a grapefruit size cancerous tumor in her liver.  We were in Colorado for Thanksgiving visiting family and took her to an urgent care children’s hospital because her pediatrician was not able to find the cause of the symptoms.  We were stationed with the Air National Guard in Fairbanks, Alaska, which has no treatment centers for pediatric oncology. So, we stayed in Denver and sought treatment at Colorado Children’s Hospital in order to be at a top-notch facility that was also near extended family.  Addie’s sister, Amelia, was just six-months old at the time she was diagnosed and we needed all the help we could get.

Addie fought a fast-spreading disease with grace.  She shared her contagious smile and joyous spirit with everyone she met, even during the most difficult treatments. We lived with family because we needed the help, but truly it made every day better for Addie because she got to spend time with the people she loved most. About halfway through Addie’s treatment, her liver tumor appeared to be chemo-resistant and she was fortunate to receive a full liver transplant. We were truly grateful and moved our life from Alaska to Colorado so she could continue treatment. However, two months after her transplant, the cancer aggressively spread to her lungs and five months later it metastasized to her brain. After 10 rounds of chemo there was nothing more we could do but comfort her at home and shower her with love.  The uncertainty of our jobs or where we would live seemed so inconsequential compared to what she went through for 13 long months.

We are supporting the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) because we are determined to help provide more options for children like Addie in the future.  It will be her legacy and those that cared for her to continue fighting for this desperate cause.  The lab is pioneering research for Hepatoblastoma and has an amazing and dedicated staff.  We came in contact with Dr. Charles Keller, founder of cc-TDI, when Addie’s metastasis became chemo resistant and we were searching world-wide for any new research developments that could save our daughter.  There was very little to be found in the way of progressive research because Hepatoblastoma is so rare.  We wanted to create a mouse model to test treatments while Addie was still alive, but her disease was too aggressive and we never got the chance. Donating Addie’s tumor for a live tissue mouse model and funding Addie’s Research project will be the lasting mark she leaves on this world. I have been asking myself for over a year now; why wasn’t our daughter among the percentage of hepatoblastoma cancer survivors?  I can only believe it’s because she has a higher purpose to inspire others not to take a moment for granted and to save future cancer patients through research efforts.

Adelaide was a childhood cancer warrior with astounding strength and resilience; 3 years and 17 days was how long we were given with our precious gift.  Addie truly made the world a better place and taught us how to really smile, laugh and cry.  She exhibited extraordinary courage, kindness and dignity choosing to leave us as beautifully as she came.  Addie experienced more in three years than many do in a lifetime traveling to 11 states including Honolulu, Hawaii and Barrow, Alaska. She saw the Northern Lights at 20 below and went to the top of a 14,000ft Colorado mountain.  She loved visiting the PEZ factory in Connecticut and cheering at the Disneyland parades. Adelaide was photographed with her mom, grandmother, and great grandma. Her favorite holiday was Halloween and she loved simple things like swings at the park, jumping on the bed with cousins and story time at the library with her sister. 

Children should not have to deal with cancer. Before Addie, I never personally knew a child who battled cancer, but knowing these kids will change your life forever. Addie gave more to us than we could ever give to her and for that we are eternally grateful. 

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