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Alexa’s Hope is to better understand & fight Metastatic Osteosarcoma.
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    Facebook Fundraiser

    $250.00 / 180 days ago

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    Cynthia Froehlich

    $21.53 / 208 days ago

    Kylee is remembering Alexa’s 21st Birthday with this donation. She was Alexa’s closest friend & she misses her everyday. 🎗️💛

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    Cynthia Froehlich

    $21.53 / 213 days ago

    Happy 21st Birthday my sweet baby girl. 💔💔 I miss you every minute of every day. 🥀💙

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    Mark Froehlich

    $21.53 / 213 days ago

    Happy 21st Birthday Alexa!

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    Mark Froehlich

    $1,000.00 / 351 days ago

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    Lisa Deju

    $400.00 / 535 days ago

    We held a Costume Party fundraiser in honor of Alexa at Guadalupe Brewery Tap House - thank you everyone who came and donated to support this cause!

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    Mark Froehlich

    $281.88 / 571 days ago

    Per what has become the annual tradition, Alexa's friends came over to our house to remember and celebrate her on her birthday. We planted a sumerian cherry tree in her honor. Happy belated birthday Alexa! We are always thinking of you.

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    Cynthia Castillo

    $123.00 / 578 days ago

    Today would have been your 20th birthday. I miss you every minute of every day & so wish you were still here with me. Happy Birthday my beloved Alexa. Mom💔

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    Mark Froehlich

    $200.00 / 935 days ago

    Happy belated birthday Alexa. You're always in our thoughts.

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    Mark Froehlich

    $30.00 / 1163 days ago

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    Andrea Herrmann Kidney

    $50.00 / 1209 days ago

    Donated in honor of Alexa, my niece whom we miss dearly.

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    Facebook Fundraiser

    $161.00 / 1290 days ago

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    Lisa Deju

    $101.50 / 1299 days ago

    As so many others, we miss Alexa and pray for her family, and our hope is to find a cure so others don't have to go through what she did.

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    $50.00 / 1304 days ago

    We miss you and think of you often! Love you always!

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    Anna Denbraver

    $100.00 / 1306 days ago

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    Cynthia Castillo

    $143.84 / 1307 days ago

    Thank you to all those who donated during my “18 Days of Alexa” campaign. It warms my heart to see all your love & support. 💜 🌹🦋 I miss Alexa every minute of everyday but it’s a comfort to know cc-TDI is doing vital work to make childhood cancers universally survivable for all our children & I’m so happy to continue to support them on this crucial mission.💜

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    Mark Froehlich

    $182.70 / 1308 days ago

    It was good to see all of Alexa's friends come out to celebrate what would have been her 18th birthday. Happy Birthday Alexa.

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    Jennifer Mendoza

    $18.00 / 1308 days ago

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    Ashley Castillo

    $36.54 / 1308 days ago

    We miss you so much Alexa! Happy birthday in heaven sweet girl. Love your cousins, Ashley and Jennifer Castillo

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    Douglas Ward

    $25.00 / 1308 days ago

    We prayed for Alexa in life and still pray that the family finds peace and hope

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    Christian Banker

    $18.00 / 1309 days ago

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    Elysse Castillo

    $25.00 / 1310 days ago

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    Jennifer Long

    $22.22 / 1310 days ago

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    Adriana Zulewski

    $50.00 / 1310 days ago

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    Justin Fleming

    $18.00 / 1310 days ago


It’s been almost 2 years now since I lost my beautiful 16 year old daughter Alexa to Osteosarcoma. The more time that goes by, the more I miss her. I still cry everyday for her & the life she will never have.  
Alexa would’ve been graduating this year, Class of 2020. I remember her first day as a Freshman, she was so excited to start high school and when she got her Class of 2020 T-shirt I thought “What a cool year to graduate!”  We had such high hopes back then. She also would have been voting this year, we used to discuss current events often so I know she would’ve been ready and excited to vote.
I often think about her courage through chemotherapy, a shoulder amputation and two lung surgeries. I’ve never witnessed such strength & bravery. Alexa didn’t whine, didn’t cry, she didn’t complain about the many days spent at the hospital. She told me once or twice how she hated it of course and how she dreaded going each time, but that was just honesty. Yet she bravely faced the difficult chemotherapy and painful surgeries each time and stayed tough to the end. I remember her last days in the hospital; she was still texting her friends on her phone and talking to us through a whiteboard because she had a tube down her throat. 
Alexa will live on in our hearts and through her lung tissue donation to the CureFast program at cc-TDI. Please read through the cc-TDI website to learn about the 16 active projects going on right now and how cc-TDI is reaching their goal of initiating 5 de-risked clinical trials per year. They’re doing incredible work to meet critical need in an area that has historically been underfunded & severely lacking in research. 
No child or parent should have to experience what Alexa and I went through. We couldn’t save Alexa but it was Alexa’s Hope and it is my hope that research today will bring cures for tomorrow. 
Please donate today to help cc-TDI make childhood cancer universally survivable for all our children! 

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