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Cynthia Castillo / Honor Pages

Alexa’s Hope is to better understand & fight Metastatic Osteosarcoma.
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    Cynthia Castillo

    $100.00 / 104 days ago

    We miss you every minute of everyday. I hope your spirit has felt the love of your family and friends as we have celebrated your life these past weeks. We carry you in our hearts always and cherish our memories of you. We love you deeply and miss you Alexa my sweet angel baby.

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    Mark Froehlich

    $1,065.75 / 107 days ago

    Alexa, you are still very much remembered in all of us who you touched. In your friends who came to celebrate what would have been your 17th birthday and came to share a moment of remembrance on Halloween morning. In your family who still wade in the ripples you left behind and remember your warmth and humor and strength.

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    John Castillo

    $4,000.00 / 317 days ago

  • 2oh0togny%3d&expires=1613535048

    Cynthia Castillo

    $50.75 / 333 days ago

    Thank you to my dear friend Seema for all your love & support this past year, it meant so much to us. You supported Alexa & helped her feel a little better during tough times & you were always there for me to talk to. I’m forever grateful & I know Alexa will always be in your heart.

  • 2oh0togny%3d&expires=1613535048

    Cynthia Castillo

    $154.28 / 333 days ago

    Thank you to all my friends at Viking Fest for your love & support! Alexa was a brave warrior who fought hard all through her battle. We miss her dearly everyday.

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    Mark Brody

    $50.75 / 367 days ago

  • B543edab8f1e496487a6a5dc1a006972? nophoto

    Cheyne Young

    $100.00 / 407 days ago

  • Cb635933c1bd05127dce30ac90b76126? nophoto

    Julie Herrmann

    $100.00 / 425 days ago

    In memory of my awesome niece Alexa Castillo🙏

  • D1bc090f32ba94b1ef7fb4425424f93d? nophoto

    Teresa Deli

    $76.12 / 425 days ago

    In honor of my niece Alexa, whom will always live on in our hearts.

  • 7053c4e289ba1b729e552dd0b01ea908? nophoto

    Lorie Usell

    $50.75 / 430 days ago

  • 2oh0togny%3d&expires=1613535048

    Cynthia Castillo

    $590.73 / 433 days ago

    Alexa's spirit lives on through her legacy contribution to research. We support her in hopes of giving other kids a better chance at survival than Alexa had.

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    Daisy Nueva

    $50.75 / 433 days ago

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    Fabiola Delgado de la Flor

    $50.75 / 433 days ago

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    Tanya Lang

    $50.00 / 433 days ago

  • C3987b51434662a54fb9fb82991e8768? nophoto

    Carlsbad Brew Supply LLC DBA Guadalupe Brewery

    $2,204.03 / 435 days ago

    We are so very saddened that Alexa could not win her brave fight, but hope that others will benefit from research to help them win their fights again cancer. We miss you Alexa!

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    David Nichols

    $206.28 / 436 days ago

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    $40.60 / 436 days ago

    Margarito Zurita

  • 12fd21098dd0029e11b3b085858892a8? nophoto

    Tyler Key

    $50.75 / 436 days ago

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    $101.50 / 436 days ago

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  • 6a71cd49ea1aa3754dcf0f374254adf2? nophoto

    Justin Towkaniuk

    $101.50 / 436 days ago

    God bless

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    Andrew Rodriguez

    $50.75 / 436 days ago

  • 2edb3344fbc82619454c66feb90db525? nophoto

    Ashleigh Adams

    $50.75 / 436 days ago

  • 16353529a7ee7418493fa3b6e33bf480? nophoto

    Marco Cano

    $50.00 / 437 days ago

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    Cynthia Castillo

    $25.38 monthly / 440 days ago

    Valued At: $304.56

    Alexa fought her cancer so bravely. Her strength through this incredibly painful battle was never ending and so inspiring to all who knew her. I miss her deeply every moment of everyday. She is now soaring with the angels - I love you Alexa.

  • 13177c208a084cc557600d190cd2c0e1? nophoto

    Stan Spooner

    $26.06 / 442 days ago

  • 03c20463001bbc021e93d3f892e6eb8c? nophoto

    Gaby Castro-Pochat

    $51.80 / 474 days ago

  • 5dc22a53028fb28e10b2703836db2394? nophoto

    Debra Ritchie

    $2,060.04 / 474 days ago


Alexa was a brave & strong warrior who unfortunately lost her battle with Stage 4 Metastatic Osteosarcoma on 10/31/18. We had 16 wonderful years with her but she left us far too soon and the loss of my beautiful daughter saddens me beyond words.  Our hope now is for more successful treatment against this aggressive cancer so more children can survive. 
Through her lung tissue donation Alexa’s legacy will be to create mouse & quail egg models for further research to achieve better survival rates for other children stricken with this merciless disease. 
Alexa will live on in our hearts and through her donation to help others. Please help support our cause & donate today. Your donation supports cc-TDI "mission funds" which will help us scale the lab from taking one drug to clinical trial on average per year up to five per year.

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