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Addie's Research 2018 Funding

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In honor of Adelaide - funding for a biologist in 2018 for Hepatoblastoma research
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    Charitable Giving Fund

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    Erin Kelley

    $203.00 / 90 days ago

    Even though I never met Addie, she makes me grateful for every precious moment I spend with my own daughters. Each Christmas my sister and I pick places to donate money to, hope this small amount is able to help. Remembering your beautiful daughter this Christmas!

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    Shannon Merlo

    $101.50 / 90 days ago

    Two years of picking up the fight for her... You inspire me every day.

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    Christina Stiverson

    $25,000.00 / 93 days ago

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    Rachel Staiano

    $50.75 / 95 days ago

    Great work you are doing. In loving memory of my great-daughter Addie. Love always, GiGi

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    Michael Manchak

    $1,015.00 / 95 days ago

    Keep up the fight.

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    Daniel Beaudrie

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    Aaron Hansen

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    Bridget Blevins

    $507.50 / 113 days ago

    We miss you Addie Girl. Love Henry and Charley May.

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    Shaina Waterbury-Shaw

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    Rebecca Mcluskey

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    Ryan Ismirle

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    You’re doing phenomenal work...keep it up!

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    Jodi Wilsher

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    Bobbie Fogel

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    Lee Ann Biggs

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    Alison Strom

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    Tricia Thomas

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    Sarah Hamilton

    $20.30 / 201 days ago

    Together, we can cure the kids. We owe to them!

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    $203.00 / 217 days ago

    Thinking of you all!

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    Shaina Waterbury-Shaw

    $75.00 / 222 days ago

    Always thinking of Addie!! Hope this little bit helps cure this horrible disease.

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    Michael Romeo

    $100.00 / 226 days ago

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    $1,625.00 / 232 days ago

    Thank you for all you are doing to help find a cure for this terrible disease! We wish we could do more! Arctic Explorers Preschool

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    Helene Levine

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    Dana Jones

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    Evelyn Greenberget

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    Adam Kovar

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    In loving memory of Arlo Kristopeit

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    Melinda Henningfield

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    Wendy Jadezuk

    $200.00 / 270 days ago

    You children are the strongest and bravest ever of God’s little miracles... and may all the angels and saints carry you until you are well again, very soon we hope. Every day we ask for God’s blessing in healing you and we feel it will be soon, you’ve suffered more than any person should and so young to go through this!!! Our sincerest appreciation to the doctors and researchers working so tirelessly for a cure of this dreadful disease that robs our beautiful babies of their healthy lives!!!

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    $137.02 / 274 days ago

    In memory of Frank Staiano Addie's Great Grandfather

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    Kim Garfield

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    Rachel Williams

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    Dorothy Morris

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    Rebecca Lange

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    We love you.

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    Courtney Higley

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    Susan Salzman

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    In memory of Frank Staiano

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    Ashley Hartman

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    Linda Dannacker

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    Kimberly Griffin

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    Kristen Yartz

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    Misty Kirby

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    Sarah Hite

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    Stanley and Mary Griffin

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    Loyce Wright

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    Rosemarie and Dominick Spampinato

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    Ralph A Staiano

    $101.50 / 309 days ago

    We are closer every day to defeat this plague called cancer with our reach in genetic and DNA discoveries which im sure will be the eventual cure of cancer ,specific engineering of antibodies to attack the malignant tumor...

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    Frank Staiano

    $100.00 / 309 days ago

    In honor and memory of Big Frank Staiano and his great granddaughter, Addie- Love Frankie and Arianna Staiano and Tina Marie DaSilva

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    Christina Durkel

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    Tara Schmeltz

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    Shelley Bakkemo

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    Shelley Bakkemo

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    Raymond Dominguez

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    Karen Martucci

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    Lauren Holbert

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    Melissa Hoene

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    $20.30 / 324 days ago

    Addie was very fortunate to have parents that are advocating for her, and children like her, even still. Your campaign is a wonderful way to honor her memory, and share her story. It's truly inspirational. It sounds like Addie's soul was just as beautiful as she was.

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    Courtney Higley

    $25.38 / 329 days ago

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    Jessica Jones

    $101.50 / 330 days ago

    In lieu of gifts from her daughters this year, my mother asked for donations to Addie's research. We hope this gift can help to change these children's lives. Thank you for all the work you do.

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    Thomas Reifsteck

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    Dominique McGrath

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    Sweet Essentials by Dominique Young Living Independent Distributor

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    Joseph Saporito

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    Michael Kern

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    Sandy L Jamieson

    $100.00 / 344 days ago

    Some angels are not intended to be with us for very long. Their mission with us is short but sweet. Their work lies ahead, where they await our return. Those who remain have a solemn call to enrich and protect the lives of the little ones in our care and sphere of influence. May we answer that call, put our selfish desires aside, and create a world that is full of compassion and joy. Sandy LaVonne Jamieson-Hartman, IBCLC, Baby Advocate, 903.477.6446

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    Ali Duerr

    $101.50 / 348 days ago

    In Memory of Sharon DiLuvio From the Team at PartnerRe

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    Courtney Wheeler

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    Daniel Beaudrie

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    Courtney Higley

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    Sotiria Everett

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    Courtney Higley

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    Paul & Kristen Sudentas

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    Courtney Higley

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    Kat Trahanovsky

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    Melissa Morgan

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    Norman Shearer

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    tha Is for including me in the effort, keep up the great work, sending love.

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    Courtney Higley

    $40.60 / 411 days ago

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    $25.38 monthly / 412 days ago

    Valued At: $304.56

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    Tigrio Guajardo

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    Courtney Higley

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    Heidi Russell

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    Edward Gildersleeve

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    Jordan Collins

    $350.00 / 435 days ago

    Addie is a hero of mine! Never got to meet her in person, but the way she lived her life is an inspiration to us all!

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    Courtney Higley

    $40.60 / 439 days ago

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    Owls for Avery Foundation

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    Agnieszka Torres

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    Lorraine Wolcott

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    Mindyjo Germann

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    Timothy McLaren

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    We honor the loving parents and grandparents of Addie.

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    Brandon LaValley

    $50.75 / 447 days ago

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    $200.00 / 448 days ago

    Our donation is in memory of Henry Gott. Thank you for championing this cause for all the children it will benefit. Mark, Amy, Liv and Jonah Wolcott

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    Warren Family Foundation

    $2,000.00 / 448 days ago

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    Lindsey Marofke

    $203.00 / 451 days ago

    Merry Christmas baby Girl! In honour of our precious Greta who was diagnosed in September 2015 and fought with courage and grace for 2 years. She gained her angel wings September 20, 2017. We miss you more than words could ever describe Baby! Love Mama, Daddy and your loving brother Ben

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    Linda Dannacker

    $101.50 / 451 days ago

About Addie's Research 2018 Funding

It’s time to propel pediatric cancer research forward into 2018!  We are excited to announce our plan to bring a biologist on board at cc-TDI to work specifically on Hepatoblastoma drug and cell line development. This could make Addie’s Research go exponentially faster to help kids who need new treatments right now! The cost of a biologist is $51K in salary, $17K in benefits and $20K for chemicals and testing supplies. Therefore, our goal to fund research for 2018 will be $88K.  This is a huge goal, but I know we can do it.

Samuel is working tirelessly in the lab focusing on Hepatoblastoma technology development. cc-TDI is modernizing research and implementing many cost-saving measures to stretch each and every donation to its max. Their creative and innovative ways to solve problems will serve as a catalyst revolutionizing laboratories around the globe. This year Samuel started testing agents on inexpensive quail eggs to narrow the field of effective treatments before attempting expensive mouse models. A quail egg has a similar vascular structure to a mammal and they can watch the cancer metastasize in the embryo (under a microscope) and record it with a camera. A quail egg takes just seven days to reveal results and costs only 35 cents, while a mouse model can take up to eight months and cost $15-40K. With an expert biologist involved on the quail egg project, we would be able to cover a large spectrum of drug testing and develop Hepatoblastoma cell lines significantly faster.

To date we have raised over $55K through friends and family for Addie's Research and have already put it to great use.  We can’t thank everyone enough for your dedicated support to give us a much needed ‘jump start’ on saving future kids like Addie. So far we have been able to purchase 23 rare Hepatoblastoma mouse tumor samples from a collaborating company in France - samples that were cryogenically preserved. Testing was halted a few years ago due to lack of continued funding.  We will not let this happen with Addie’s Research. Centralized testing for rare chemo-resistant Hepatoblastoma samples at cc-TDI will provide the basis for drug development and targeted therapies. In addition, we continue to fund all the materials for the quail egg project, as well as Addie’s mouse model. 

As always, thank you for your selfless and generous support. Together we can make a difference for current and future Hepatoblastoma Warriors. Children should not have to deal with cancer. Before Addie, I never personally knew a child who battled cancer, but knowing these kids will change your life forever. Addie gave more to us than we could ever give to her and for that we are eternally grateful.  

In honor of Adelaide Stiverson: Dec 3 2013 - Dec 20 2016

After months of frustrating ER visits for high fevers, Addie was diagnosed in November 2015 with Hepatoblastoma, a rare pediatric liver cancer.  It was just four days before her 2nd birthday. It is estimated that only one out of every million children are diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma and it is typically found in children under three years old.  At the time of her diagnosis, Addie had a grapefruit size cancerous tumor in her liver.  We were in Colorado for Thanksgiving visiting family and took her to an urgent care children’s hospital because her pediatrician was not able to find the cause of the symptoms.  We were stationed with the Air National Guard in Fairbanks, Alaska, which has no treatment centers for pediatric oncology. So, we stayed in Denver and sought treatment at Colorado Children’s Hospital in order to be at a top-notch facility that was also near extended family.  Addie’s sister, Amelia, was just six-months old at the time she was diagnosed and we needed all the help we could get.

 Addie fought a fast-spreading disease with grace.  She shared her contagious smile and joyous spirit with everyone she met, even during the most difficult treatments. We lived with family because we needed the help, but truly it made every day better for Addie because she got to spend time with the people she loved most. About halfway through Addie’s treatment, her liver tumor appeared to be chemo-resistant and she was fortunate to receive a full liver transplant. We were truly grateful and moved our life from Alaska to Colorado so she could continue treatment. However, two months after her transplant, the cancer aggressively spread to her lungs and five months later it metastasized to her brain. After 10 rounds of chemo there was nothing more we could do but comfort her at home and shower her with love.  The uncertainty of our jobs or where we would live seemed so inconsequential compared to what she went through for 13 long months.

We are supporting the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) because we are determined to help provide more options for children like Addie in the future.  It will be her legacy and those that cared for her to continue fighting for this desperate cause.  The lab is pioneering research for Hepatoblastoma and has an amazing and dedicated staff.  We came in contact with Dr. Charles Keller, founder of cc-TDI, when Addie’s metastasis became chemo resistant and we were searching world-wide for any new research developments that could save our daughter.  There was very little to be found in the way of progressive research because Hepatoblastoma is so rare.  We wanted to create a mouse model to test treatments while Addie was still alive, but her disease was too aggressive and we never got the chance. Donating Addie’s tumor for a live tissue mouse model and funding Addie’s Research project will be the lasting mark she leaves on this world. I have been asking myself for over a year now; why wasn’t our daughter among the percentage of hepatoblastoma cancer survivors?  I can only believe it’s because she has a higher purpose to inspire others not to take a moment for granted and to save future cancer patients through research efforts.

Adelaide was a childhood cancer warrior with astounding strength and resilience; 3 years and 17 days was how long we were given with our precious gift.  Addie truly made the world a better place and taught us how to really smile, laugh and cry.  She exhibited extraordinary courage, kindness and dignity choosing to leave us as beautifully as she came.  Addie experienced more in three years than many do in a lifetime traveling to 11 states including Honolulu, Hawaii and Barrow, Alaska. She saw the Northern Lights at 20 below and went to the top of a 14,000ft Colorado mountain.  She loved visiting the PEZ factory in Connecticut and cheering at the Disneyland parades. Adelaide was photographed with her mom, grandmother, and great grandma. Her favorite holiday was Halloween and she loved simple things like swings at the park, jumping on the bed with cousins and story time at the library with her sister. 

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