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Taylor "Iron Man" Barta

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To continue Taylor's legacy in helping to support the research for rhabdomyosarcoma.
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    Christina Sceusa

    $50.75 / 895 days ago

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    Laura Barta

    $50.75 / 1291 days ago

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    Laura Barta

    $50.75 / 1300 days ago

    Happy Birthday in Heaven my Taylor Bear. Miss you so much.

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    Marian Marcario

    $25.00 / 2613 days ago

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    Victoria Hefnawy

    $30.45 / 2620 days ago

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    Lois Prestridge

    $101.50 / 2620 days ago

    In memory of a young boy who touched more lives than he ever knew.

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    Christine Hahn

    $101.50 / 2620 days ago

    Taylor was an amazing kid whose smile is greatly missed. I know that in this research he lives on and will one day help to find a cure!

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    Jonathan Crocker

    $74.10 / 2625 days ago

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    Ava Kamvosoulis

    $50.75 / 2667 days ago

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    $25.38 / 2675 days ago

    We miss you, Taylor.

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    Victoria Hefnawy

    $30.45 / 2709 days ago

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    Denise Caprio

    $126.88 / 2710 days ago

    In loving memory of Taylor from the Friendly Neighborhood Children's Christmas Carolers (Manor's at Old Forge): The Casey's, Holmes', Shah's, Fabers', Thompson's, Kratchman's, Ward's, Meade's and Caprio's and all the wonderful families that donated while the kids sang Christmas carols.

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    Robert & Susan Woods

    $152.25 / 2710 days ago

    Given in loving memory of Taylor, a little boy with a great big smile who fought a great battle that no child should have to endure. I know he is smiling down on the world with love.

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    Lynne Singer

    $50.75 / 2712 days ago

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    Karen Mclaughlin

    $10.00 / 2714 days ago

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    Marjorie Sprague

    $50.75 / 2715 days ago

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    Jonathan Crocker

    $320.00 / 2715 days ago

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    Rhodora Markiewicz

    $20.30 / 2715 days ago

    I didn't get the chance of meeting you in person, but your smile always lifted me up. Thank you for being an inspiration. Rest easy dear angel. Rho and Gary M.

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    Tracey Bader

    $100.00 / 2715 days ago

    In loving memory of Taylor "Iron Man" Barta. Your smile lit up the room, & you inspired so many people. ❤️💛❤️💛 ~ Keith, Tracey, & Jack Bader

About Taylor "Iron Man" Barta

Taylor was diagnosed January 2014 with Stage IV alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma that arose in the leg. He underwent nearly 2 years of treatment and endured chemotherapy, surgeries, a radiation treatments. Sadly he lost his battle March 20, 2016 but never gave up and never lost his smile. We endure with his memory and spirit and his legacy can carry on with a live cell/tissue donation that might lead to new discoveries for this childhood cancer. Thank you to everybody that has supported

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