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    Julie Erickson

    $25.38 / 51 days ago

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    Gloria Sellers

    $20.30 / 56 days ago

    I've lived in Morris for 3 yrs but never heard of the Superhero Run before. I can't run today (chronic pain) but I'll be behind you all the way cheering you on. You're doing such a wonderful thing for kids!

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    Deb Hazlett

    $20.00 / 61 days ago

    I belong to GFWC Morris Woman’s Club and I’m not able to help them the day of the run! I am able to donate and I encourage any one reading this to donate for a wonderful cause!

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    Bonita Carlson

    $20.30 / 61 days ago

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    Gerrianne Eck

    $25.00 / 61 days ago

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