GFWC-Morris Superhero Run-5K and Kids 1K

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GFWC Morris Woman's Club 6th annual Superhero Run! This years beneficiary is Childhood Cancer Therapy Development Institute in honor of Megan Bugg, a local teen diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer.
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    Julie Erickson

    $25.38 / 1126 days ago

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    Gloria Sellers

    $20.30 / 1131 days ago

    I've lived in Morris for 3 yrs but never heard of the Superhero Run before. I can't run today (chronic pain) but I'll be behind you all the way cheering you on. You're doing such a wonderful thing for kids!

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    Deb Hazlett

    $20.00 / 1136 days ago

    I belong to GFWC Morris Woman’s Club and I’m not able to help them the day of the run! I am able to donate and I encourage any one reading this to donate for a wonderful cause!

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    Bonita Carlson

    $20.30 / 1136 days ago

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    Gerrianne Eck

    $25.00 / 1136 days ago

About GFWC-Morris Superhero Run-5K and Kids 1K

A fun 5K walk/run and Kids 1K in Morris, Il on April 17th. The 5K will start at 9am and the Kids 1K to follow at 10am. You and your kids can come dressed as superheroes to support the commendable efforts of cc-TDI.
This year our beneficiary, cc-TDI, was brought to us by local teen, Megan Bugg, who was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer. cc-TDI is a non-profit biotech research lab, whose scientists are on a mission to make childhood cancer universally survivable! To learn more about the amazing advancements cc-TDI has made you can visit their website at
Thank you for being a superhero for these children!!

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