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Jennah's Journey

Diala Karadsheh / Honor Pages

In memory of Jennah, our goal is to support childhood cancer research, especially that dedicated to Rhabdomysarcoma, which is currently so desperately underfunded.
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Recent Transactions

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    Sandra Feller

    $25.38 / 1345 days ago

  • 2f56c689496c1d0417c7205071370cc5? nophoto

    Patricia Pennise

    $25.00 / 2202 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Jennah! Your spirit lives on in the love and joy of your family and friends.

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    Amanda Giles

    $20.00 / 2204 days ago

  • 4a5cfa053a49894dd8e25bae2f894158? nophoto

    Diala Karadsheh

    $525.00 / 2374 days ago

  • 4a5cfa053a49894dd8e25bae2f894158? nophoto

    Diala Karadsheh

    $525.00 / 2385 days ago

  • Be63f57351f15c6424cd532abf84b8e1? nophoto

    Joanne Angelhow

    $10.00 / 2519 days ago

    What a wonderful brother , Jennah would be so happy to see how much you love her. This world needs more people like you, be Blessed and good luck collecting money, reach for the stars.

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    4H Working Bees

    $65.36 / 2543 days ago

    Our hope is that every cent will get us closer to treatments that work and a cure. <3

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    Tricia Warner

    $50.75 / 2546 days ago

  • E0b401ac7e3de66b62be51a7c879c908? nophoto

    Erica Laquidara

    $25.00 / 2583 days ago

    Rest In Peace sweet girl. May God grant your parents a peace that passes all understanding.

  • 4ccf7f6c8b0ae12642506ca7cb679294? nophoto

    Laura Tate

    $50.75 / 2584 days ago

    For Jennah

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    Stacy Jones

    $100.00 / 2584 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $101.50 / 2584 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $101.50 / 2602 days ago

    You maybe gone from this world, but never from our hearts. The joy you brought us all in your short life is nothing that cancer can take away from us. We will make it our mission to help others, because maybe, just maybe, the hole in our hearts can get a little smaller with that.

  • Af74e670dcd1c542ffb1286a3720144f? nophoto

    Gina Verminski

    $25.00 / 2603 days ago

  • 071ce1cf893322e96ad45078bd56ce07? nophoto

    Sayanti Pal

    $50.00 / 2605 days ago

    Jennah where ever you are I believe you will shower love and happiness...

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    Felice Wibowo

    $76.13 / 2605 days ago

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    Elizabeth Cooper

    $40.60 / 2605 days ago

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    Josephine Dote

    $20.00 / 2605 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $50.00 / 2608 days ago

    This is a great way to honor Jennahs memory.

  • 55d5468f0ad3f47a867fdf07006f721a? nophoto

    Yazen Karadsheh

    $250.00 / 2608 days ago

    We will always remember you beautiful Jennah!

  • C72fa1a3f123baf599f1c920e76f465d? nophoto

    Kathy Grosso

    $50.75 / 2608 days ago

  • 5e2b9f339978302e35484a345e6c1d72? nophoto

    Andrew Czech

    $100.00 / 2611 days ago

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    Martha Rydzak

    $50.75 / 2612 days ago

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    Renee Lewicki

    $50.75 / 2616 days ago

  • 1021d3a10e70d5e8ac1570c2b34c3f91? nophoto

    Salem Marji

    $100.00 / 2617 days ago

About Jennah's Journey

Jennah was our beautiful 4 yr old who loved dance, music, her brother, friends and loved life. We lost Jennah to the Rhabdomyosarcoma beast in March 2017 after 17 months of courageous fighting. Throughout this journey, we searched up and down and in every direction for a cure. We, along with her doctors, so desperately tried one drug after the other, reached out to experts, and even dabbled into alternative therapies along the way. We attempted everything that presented some hope, and with every scan we held our breath, yet it was one bad news after the other. We felt so helpless, and there was nothing that anyone could do to save her. Through her journey, the more we learned about childhood cancer and the funding dedicated to it, the more we felt the need to take matters into our own hands. To honor our daughter's memory, we are creating this page to help support the underfunded pediatric cancer research, in hopes that no other child is lost.

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