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James Lodato

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To find a cure for Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS).
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About James Lodato

My son, James, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS) on July 31, 2017. It is a rare and aggressive form of cancer. In learning about his disease, I have found that there have been no new successful treatments in several decades and there is no cure. By the time James showed any signs or symptoms of his disease, it had metastasized to his abdomen, bones, bone marrow, and was widespread through his lymph nodes. I’ve learned that metastasis is common with sarcomas and many times by the time there are signs of the disease, it has already metastasized to distant parts of the body. The original site of James’s tumor is in his left calf. Due to the advanced level of James’s disease, the presence of the PAX3 gene, and the lack of medical advancements, James has an 8% chance of surviving 5 years. Unfortunately, only 4% of Federal funding for cancer research goes to all childhood cancers and there are hundreds of childhood cancers. All of these factors combined, lead to a dismal prognosis for James. In an effort to bridge the overwhelming gap and in honor of James’s 7th birthday, I have started an honor page for James. Any donation to the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) supports active research projects on rhabdomyosarcoma, osteosarcoma, DIPG, medulloblastoma, and hepatoblastoma as well as other cancers. To learn more about how your donation helps bridge scientific discovery to effective clinical trials for children with cancer, visit, like their page at or follow them in Twitter @ cctdilab. Your contribution is tax deductible and a receipt will be mailed to you. Thank you for helping to pursue smart, effective treatments for the rarest pediatric cancers.

And huge thank you to these additional supporters of James' Honor Page:
FITmixx Fitness Studio $350
Linda Cerbone $25.00
Michelle Hickey $25.00
Adam Fisher $152.25
Meredith  Kurz $50.00
stephanie Dellacroce $25.00
Paulina Espinosa $450.00
Heather Donahue $50.00
Liana Kirchner $50.00
Brooke Marzo $50.75
Marcie  Glickman $25.00
Heather  Stachlik $40.60
Jennifer Rosado $57.86
Christine Lodato $101.50
Kerry Tate $25.00
Gina  Lee $50.00
Nora Martello $50.75
Carrie Kantor $25.38
Debbie  Cain $25.38
Luis Palau $100.00
Susan McKenna $25.38
Tracy Kerasotis $25.00
Denise Mclaughlin $50.75
Erin Miller $1,250.00
Amanda Jung $329.88
Pamela  Lodato $126.88
Mary Margaret Schiede $101.50
Jacqueline Yates $50.00
Tara Ferraro $15.22
Carol Hunter $20.00
Kristen Dekel $50.75
Ann Kilcarr $50.00
Christina Brennan $100.00
Lynn  Scarano $100.00
Samantha Fudge $101.50
Laura Sperling $40.00
Theresa  Ross $318.00
Theresa  Ross $100.00
Theresa  Ross $1,312.50
Christine Lodato $101.50
Colleen McManus $50.00
Margaret Tesoriero $20.00
Candice Cilla $10.00
rebecca lembo $20.30
Pamela Papier $10.00
Julie Kolm $20.00
Avena Family $101.50
Kristen  Hohorst $20.30
Allison Rubbo $50.00
Mary Siconolfi $203.00
Danielle  Bonanno $25.38
Regina Costa $10.00
Lisa Constant $100.00
Jennifer Mannix $25.00
Angela  Lomonaco $50.00
cheryl dobbins $50.00
Sharon  Lipien $10.00
Laura Ranaldo $50.00
Dina Macaluso $25.00
Mindy Hoenscheid $25.00
Laurie Portaro $25.38
patricia bartow $20.30
Christopher  ponzo $10.15
Theresa  Ross $10.15
Diane Cumming $50.75
stephanie Dellacroce $152.25
James Rogers $100.00
AJ Peterson $1.00
Simone  Musso-Rodriguez $10.00
Rosemarie Martin $10.00
Cink Fundraising $945.83
Jaclyn  Greenblatt $25.38
Tracey Sanders $20.30
Jennifer Buscemi $100.00
Dina Shaw $100.00
Kyleen Miller $101.50
Shari Dorfman $250.00
Adam Fisher $50.00
Pat Rosabianco $50.00
Mary Ann  Klein $50.00
Norma Miller $50.00
Irene Benjamin $100.00
Suzanne Boehm $100.00
Allison Holtman $100.00
Suzanne Hoffman $50.00
Christie  Peters $50.00
Clare Clark $50.00
Victoria Ryan $50.75
Marcie  Glickman $50.00
Meagan Del Priore $50.00
Annemarie  Zaita $25.00
Gail McKenna $100.00
Anastasia Limogiannis $100.00
Allison Steakin $100.00
Italiano Family $100.00
Kathleen  Harms $100.00
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Nicole Daly $304.50
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Laura McAllister $50.00
Nora Martello $100.00
Regina  Mullady $25.00
Mindy Buckley $50.00
Anna Pizzo $50.75
Jenn Lohr $50.00

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