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    Facebook Fundraiser

    $250.00 / 216 days ago

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    Cynthia Froehlich

    $21.53 / 244 days ago

    Kylee is remembering Alexa’s 21st Birthday with this donation. She was Alexa’s closest friend & she misses her everyday. 🎗️💛

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    Cynthia Froehlich

    $21.53 / 249 days ago

    Happy 21st Birthday my sweet baby girl. 💔💔 I miss you every minute of every day. 🥀💙

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    Mark Froehlich

    $21.53 / 249 days ago

    Happy 21st Birthday Alexa!

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    Mark Froehlich

    $1,000.00 / 387 days ago

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    Lisa Deju

    $400.00 / 571 days ago

    We held a Costume Party fundraiser in honor of Alexa at Guadalupe Brewery Tap House - thank you everyone who came and donated to support this cause!

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    Mark Froehlich

    $281.88 / 607 days ago

    Per what has become the annual tradition, Alexa's friends came over to our house to remember and celebrate her on her birthday. We planted a sumerian cherry tree in her honor. Happy belated birthday Alexa! We are always thinking of you.

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    Cynthia Castillo

    $123.00 / 614 days ago

    Today would have been your 20th birthday. I miss you every minute of every day & so wish you were still here with me. Happy Birthday my beloved Alexa. Mom💔

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    Mark Froehlich

    $200.00 / 971 days ago

    Happy belated birthday Alexa. You're always in our thoughts.

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    Mark Froehlich

    $30.00 / 1199 days ago

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    Andrea Herrmann Kidney

    $50.00 / 1245 days ago

    Donated in honor of Alexa, my niece whom we miss dearly.

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    Facebook Fundraiser

    $161.00 / 1326 days ago

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    Lisa Deju

    $101.50 / 1335 days ago

    As so many others, we miss Alexa and pray for her family, and our hope is to find a cure so others don't have to go through what she did.

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    $50.00 / 1340 days ago

    We miss you and think of you often! Love you always!

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    Anna Denbraver

    $100.00 / 1342 days ago

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    Cynthia Castillo

    $143.84 / 1343 days ago

    Thank you to all those who donated during my “18 Days of Alexa” campaign. It warms my heart to see all your love & support. 💜 🌹🦋 I miss Alexa every minute of everyday but it’s a comfort to know cc-TDI is doing vital work to make childhood cancers universally survivable for all our children & I’m so happy to continue to support them on this crucial mission.💜

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    Mark Froehlich

    $182.70 / 1344 days ago

    It was good to see all of Alexa's friends come out to celebrate what would have been her 18th birthday. Happy Birthday Alexa.

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    Jennifer Mendoza

    $18.00 / 1344 days ago

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    Ashley Castillo

    $36.54 / 1344 days ago

    We miss you so much Alexa! Happy birthday in heaven sweet girl. Love your cousins, Ashley and Jennifer Castillo

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    Douglas Ward

    $25.00 / 1344 days ago

    We prayed for Alexa in life and still pray that the family finds peace and hope

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    Christian Banker

    $18.00 / 1345 days ago

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    Elysse Castillo

    $25.00 / 1346 days ago

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    Jennifer Long

    $22.22 / 1346 days ago

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    Adriana Zulewski

    $50.00 / 1346 days ago

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    Justin Fleming

    $18.00 / 1346 days ago

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