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We are helping cc-TDI raise money for the PILOT PROGRAM of THE 'ALEXA' PROJECT. (Named in honor of our own Alexa Naomi delos Reyes by Dr. Keller himself.) The goal of The Alexa Project is to find new treatments to move towards clinical trials for Alexa all children affected with the Neurofibromatosis-1 (NF1) associated brain tumors called juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma (JPA). The funds will be used for a Summer Research student the key starting piece of the project. Here’s what she/he would do: 1. Create a road-map for NF1-associated JPA and carefully determine all the cell lines for NF1-associated JPA, both from patients and from mice; 2. Get the word out to collect more surgical (and autopsy) NF-1 JPA tumor samples for use in making more cell cultures and cell lines, akin to http://focusonrhabdo.org/bio-specimen-donation/#.VPOEXPnFTo. After the Summer Student does this, the project swings into full gear!
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    Judy Ciaffoni

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    Monica Delos Reyes

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    The "Alexa" Project is now COMPLETE!!!!! We wish to thank Every single person and group that raised money for Alexa to see her dream of a possible cure in her lifetime for her and her friends. Thank you for the latest wonderful donations Adam Tidmarsh and family for the $50 for the awesome house concert he did for the project. Thank You to Jean and all her friends <3 Thank You to Maria Douerghty for raising the $60 from your make up fundraiser. Thank You to Chasity Owings for making the bracelets and the Donation of $20 Thank You to Matt, Starlit, Chasity and Andy, Rick and Sheila for the $700 last week & finally........................................ To the Wonderful Nicholson Family RICK AND SHEILA NICHOLSON FOR GIVING THE FINAL TOTAL TO PUT US AT 100% FUNDED THEY PUT IN $350 TO CLOSE THE FUNDRAISER AND FULLY FUND IT LOVE AND HUGS AND SO MUCH THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR FAMILIES HEARTS <3 WE WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR YOUR FAMILIES GENEROSITY AND CARING FOR OUR PRINCESS AND OUR FAMILY.

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    Adam Tidmarsh

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    Sheila Nicholson

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    From Rick & Sheila Nicholson (PaPa & Mimi). Fulfilling our commitment to complete the "Alexa" Project. We love you !!!!!!!

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    Chasity Owings

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    Donation from sales of Cancer awareness bracelets made. Love y'all!

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    Jean Fitzgerald

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    This donation is from a dear friend of mine...Lorraine Vanderzandin...she has been keeping up with Alexa, through me, for years!

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    Maria Doherty

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    Sending my love, prayers and positive thoughts to you all!

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    Lori Croshaw

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    Elaine Hansen

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    In honor of Lexy who fights her cancer with amazing spirit and courage.

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    Judi Newton

    $5.00 / 3300 days ago

    I love you Lexy! XO Judi at Sunshine Snail Mail XO

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    Hannah Mocaby

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    Mary Sprouse

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    Monica Delos Reyes

    $700.00 / 3300 days ago

    This $700 was from the amazing families of the NICHOLSON family Rick & Sheila Nicholson (Papa Rick & Mimi) Matt & Starlit Nicholson, Chasity & Andy Owings and Dawn & Tim Rosseter We love you and our families MRL Motorsports means the world to us. God Bless You all and thank you from the bottom of our Hearts <3 The delos Reyes Family

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    Monica Delos Reyes

    $65.00 / 3303 days ago

    (DONATION #3) This Donation was made for Alexa (Princess Lexy) by the wonderful, kind and Generous Valet men & Women at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR DONATING ALL YOUR TIPS UNTIL THE END OF MAY <3 Jeff, Alan, Amy Hannah, Greg, Darrin, Todd, Paul, To Mas, Samuel, William, Rose, Ian, & Kevin God bless you all for your Love 4 Lexy - HUGS from Lexy & the delos Reyes family

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    $137.03 / 3303 days ago

    This Donation was made for Alexa (Princess Lexy) by the wonderful, kind and Generous Valet men & Women at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR DONATING ALL YOUR TIPS UNTIL THE END OF MAY <3 Jeff, Alan, Amy Hannah, Greg, Darrin, Todd, Paul, To Mas, Samuel, William, Rose, Ian, & Kevin God bless you all for your Love 4 Lexy - HUGS from Lexy & the delos Reyes family

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    Penny Joss

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    Hi! Thanks for sharing this research project with me today! Peggy

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    Adam Tidmarsh

    $20.00 / 3304 days ago

    Just a little money from an office sweepstakes on our General Election in the U.K tomorrow.

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    Judith McLeod

    $100.00 / 3305 days ago

    Keep fighting! Good Luck!

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    Daniel Rush

    $101.50 / 3306 days ago

    Happy to help :-)

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    Meritt Larson

    $253.75 / 3306 days ago

    Keep fighting Lexy!!! Love from your teammate Brett Larson's family!

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    Adam Tidmarsh

    $20.00 / 3310 days ago

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    Adam Tidmarsh

    $410.65 / 3310 days ago

    With Love from Taunton, England. The Tidmarsh family would like to thank their friends and colleagues at Brendon House and North Town school for their generosity. 😊

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    Anne McLaughlin

    $101.50 / 3315 days ago

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    Jean Fitzgerald

    $81.20 / 3321 days ago

    This donation is from very dear friends of mine and I thank them from the bottom of my heart...JAN SCHURZ, MARION RYAN, NANCY NOEL and DIANE FIELD. (((BIG HUG GUYS)))

About The "Alexa" Project

We first heard about Dr. Charles Keller when he was creating a new research project at our hospital OHSU in Portland, Oregon. He had a Courage Wall of fighters and their families. We submitted a photo of Cameron & Alexa - he was kissing her head and it was beautiful. He said it was one of his very favorite photos! This inspired the researchers to work hard for the faces they saw on that wall, for Alexa and other children fighting cancer. We were so honored.

Recently, Dr. Keller called us and asked to use the photo again in Colorado at his new research facility: the Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute. We will do anything for research and awareness of cancer and NF! I sent him all I had on Alexa so he could get to know HER. He then called and proposed this new project - The "Alexa" Project - which would actually create real treatments that could go to clinical trials. A REAL CHANCE AT A CURE FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER RELATED NF-1 JPA BRAIN TUMORS!

This project starts with PHASE #1 - a Summer Research Student. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to fund this student, who will lay all the ground work, and find all the genetic resources to create the road map to get to PHASE #2. In Phase #2, all the information will be used to create an international collaboration to further create new drug therapies to go to clinical trial for these  tumors.  (For more information, contact the research team directly at http://www.cc-tdi.org/#!team/c24vqHere is information on cc-TDI's work on DIPG - which is an amazing breakthrough - which goes to a Phase I trial in 2015: http://www.cc-tdi.org/#!research/cfvg)

With your help, we can have NEW drug therapies for Alexa's type of tumor within a couple of years. SO PLEASE JOIN WITH ALEXA & OUR FAMILY TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE PILOT PROGRAM FOR THE "ALEXA PROJECT!"  Thank You and God Bless.

The delos Reyes family   

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