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Team Naomi - Get Well Now

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Cancer is the leading cause of disease related death in children. Research is the Answer. Fundraising is the Lock. Awareness is the key.
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About Team Naomi - Get Well Now

Naomi has always been our most spirited child, and she needs that spirit more than ever now as she is fighting for her life.  At just 6 years old, she limped into the ER after experiencing leg pain for 2 months due to a mass the size of a grapefruit in her tiny tummy.  That mass turned out to be a tumour called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS).

Team Naomi needs to help change the outcome of stage 4 ARMS diagnosis, and all childhood cancers. Kids get cancer too, and they will continue to get cancer for future generations.  Hearing your child has cancer changes your lives. Hearing that 4/5 children with this cancer die, changes your soul. 

Research is the answer. Research is the only thing that will change current prognosis rates to a more favourable outcome. We have to fund the failures to find the successes and that takes time and money. Team Naomi is not filled with researchers and scientists, but it is filled with a village of care that answered our need to do something. Golf tournaments, silent auctions, head shaving, cabarets, carnivals, cookbooks etc. Each event raises first and most importantly awareness that kids get cancer too. Our goal is that the future generation of childhood cancer families will hear this...your child has cancer BUT we have a cure.

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