Our goal is to raise money and awareness of Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in memory of our beloved Brad Ventura. We believe that by supporting Charles Keller's research a cure will be found and other children will survive this cancer.
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    Susan Thayer

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    Dyan Ventura

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    Debra Aalto

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    $50.75 / 169 days ago

    From Ma!!!

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    Sally LaFollette

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    Rachel Volk

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    Kristin Ventura-Stein

    $101.50 / 200 days ago

    Happy Birthday lil brother! I love you!

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    Steven Meyer

    $100.00 / 200 days ago

    I never met Brad, but I love his family. They are caring and cool and I wish I'd been in Oregon when he was with us.

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    Stacy Remensperger

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    Leann Stein

    $100.00 / 200 days ago

    Im memory of a wonderful kid whos life was cut way too short. The Ventura family and all others dealing with cancer deserve a cure and hopefully one day that will happen.

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    Patrick Frymire

    $10.00 / 200 days ago

    Happy birthday Brad! Miss you buddy. Until we meet again.

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    Peter Weller

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    Jean Meyers

    $203.00 / 206 days ago

    Sending love and support to all of you!

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    Lauren Bruce

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    Bonnie Clement

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    Tima Carlson

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    Sue Ziegler

    $25.38 / 210 days ago

    Your spirit is still alive, Brad!

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    Tammy Wilhoite

    $500.00 / 210 days ago

    With great affection for the Ventura Family <3

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    Roberta Davis

    $507.50 / 211 days ago

    I did not know Brad but know his wonderful family ...... let's end pediatric cancers.

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    Karen Harper

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    Rob Humphreys

    $203.00 / 212 days ago

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    David Thomas

    $203.00 / 212 days ago

    Continual support in memory of Brad and for an amazing family.

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    Janie Young

    $101.50 / 213 days ago

    Brad was so full of life. Research to eradicate his disease is so important for others. Thank you Dyan and family for all you do to further this research.

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    Robert Shoji

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    Barbara Schmidt

    $500.00 / 228 days ago

    My niece, Hannah, loved Brad Ventura. I have been supporting "Team Brad" and Hannah's devotion to this young man for a long time. I do hope a cure is in sight so others won't have to go through this ordeal of losing someone they love to this disease. Love from Aunt Barb

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    Timothy Dahl

    $100.00 / 242 days ago

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    Josephine Sexton

    $50.00 / 242 days ago

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    April Blondeau

    $300.00 / 242 days ago

    In honor of Dear Brad Ventura.

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    Kelly Euler

    $50.75 / 243 days ago

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    Kathy Ross

    $50.75 / 243 days ago

    From listening to stories of Brad he was an “old soul”, loved life & his family and had many friends. I love hearing about him and wished I had known him better. I did get to see him perform at his high school musicals and you could tell he loved it. And he always provides great weather/sunsets for us when we go on our travel adventures with Jim & Dyan.❤️

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    Carol Toner

    $50.00 / 243 days ago

    Sadly I never knew Brad, but his sweet mother has been my good friend since 8th grade. His loving family’s work to “slay the dragon” continues to inspire me.

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    Gary Manchester

    $1,015.00 / 252 days ago

    Let’s eliminate childhood cancers!

  • Avatar person


    $1,015.00 / 254 days ago

    Pediatric cancer needs everyones help. Dr. Keller's Lab is making remarkable strides. Please donate what you can!

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    Elaine Smith

    $50.00 / 259 days ago

About Team Brad

Brad was loving his life as a college student when diagnosed with stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of 20. He was studying at Oregon State but out of necessity moved home to start treatment at OHSU. He continued taking classes while receiving treatment and hoped to be a nurse someday. He brought joy to his family, friends, other patients, and medical staff with his positive attitude and his creative dancing videos during treatment. Brad lost his battle with cancer at the age of 21. We miss him every day and know he would want us to continue his fight by finding a cure.

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