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Super Sophie - in honor & memory of Sophie Dadej

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This honor page establishes a rhabdomyosarcoma research program named in honor of Sophie.
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  • Avatar person


    $50.00 / 1708 days ago

    Our deepest condolences and prayers for peace for Mary, Gabriel, Susan and Danny Herron and all extended family and friends. She was loved by so many and touched their lives in a special way. She will forever be missed. In loving memory of Sophie - 12 Ordinary Women

  • E03141898fdcb32ba3bbf127e478684f? nophoto

    Cheryl Morris

    $50.00 / 1710 days ago

    Sophie will always be apart of my heart. Thank you for sharing your remarkable daughter and granddaughter.

  • Avatar person


    $250.00 / 1729 days ago

  • D224e8fb61a1e525ea4df0ca142be72e? nophoto

    Charles Gibbs Jr

    $812.00 / 1735 days ago

    In loving memory and honor of Sophie. Shall her heart, courage and Faith be a lesson to all. Sally and Ken

  • 000ad23da668a608f7703bcdeb3bfc38? nophoto

    Mekesha Montgomery

    $101.50 / 1737 days ago

  • 25c2412058af9576bb94ece57914c889? nophoto

    Alan Calhoun

    $50.75 / 1737 days ago

  • 86142fb915c78e71d0e5ac10d37f29bb? nophoto

    George Jackson

    $500.00 / 1741 days ago

    To honor the memory of Sophie and the courage of her loved ones.

  • B0caf4251b70204a5767e75097c3303a? nophoto

    James England

    $50.75 / 1742 days ago

    This gift in memory of Danny Herron’s Granddaughter, Sophie Dadej. God’s blessings on the family. Jim England

  • Fabc57f8b2bd974c5446e63c5c72daee? nophoto

    Jane Baldwin

    $101.50 / 1743 days ago

    It's an honor and a privilege to be able to help support research in hopes of eradicating this dreadful disease some day. Sophie gave us so much: Life changing inspiration for dealing with life's trials & tribulations! Courage to face obstacles head-on with no fear! Faith that can move mountains! And she gave us an example to follow through the course of our lives. She is forever in our hearts and forever in our memories! Love you, sweet girl!!

  • Avatar person


    $101.50 / 1743 days ago

    Forever in our hearts, Super Sophie.

  • 49e6559d8554208ae97cd1d3e17af481? nophoto

    Debbie Robinson

    $101.50 / 1744 days ago

  • 05d864ea541db2ff3a3e69033d4c9bf5? nophoto

    April Radosta

    $101.50 / 1744 days ago

  • F780e46ce8a7cb778e334fbd3f6f972d? nophoto

    Robin Gaddis

    $50.00 / 1745 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $106.58 / 1746 days ago

    I love you Super Sophie, I will continue to dawn my cape until we meet again... Rest easy now hero 🦸‍♀️

  • 16081cd9fb6292029496af57a5c27dec? nophoto

    Diane Sorensen

    $100.00 / 1746 days ago

  • F4d5711b892ea7d6f4a055bb06fe31fb? nophoto

    Nancy Holmes

    $2,500.00 / 1748 days ago

    We were saddened that Sophie lost her battle with rhabdomyosarcoma. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sophie's family and friends. Sincerely, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati

  • 2e432c0da835a7ae1752e14c163f231c? nophoto

    Leslie and Ron Lynd

    $507.50 / 1749 days ago

  • 45f9d1fe2558017ca8f67237ece40192? nophoto

    Shannon DeBlock

    $101.50 / 1749 days ago

  • 365164b6a4bb857a34e4dc6c78f31cca? nophoto

    Andy H

    $304.50 / 1749 days ago

  • 63cd5c8d07d8c20b77dd70520baba5ab? nophoto

    Dana Haynes

    $253.75 / 1749 days ago

    GS&F sends their deepest condolences to Sophie's family.

  • Avatar person


    $101.50 / 1749 days ago

  • Ab0761290f25eb63a930cccf2a8b11c7? nophoto

    Jim & Betty Lou Burnett

    $250.00 / 1750 days ago

  • 130f23699f300509e84669468a6c4f98? nophoto

    Doug and Stacy Korn

    $101.50 / 1750 days ago

  • Bc9b36d302f1e0fa1951e7cc742a610f? nophoto

    Julia Smothers

    $101.50 / 1750 days ago

  • E6c6481d7fef0bea7230a81c7a756617? nophoto

    Damon Allen

    $101.50 / 1750 days ago

About Super Sophie - in honor & memory of Sophie Dadej

Our girl Super Sophie will always be a brilliant, sweet, incredibly witty, kind-hearted and creative 10 year old that loves horseback riding, songwriting and spending time with her friends and family. In October 2015, Sophie was diagnosed with Stage 3, Group 3 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. After a journey of almost four years, Sophie has left this world. 
We are devastated, but our family wants to do everything we can to ensure the critical research is done so that this doesn't continue to happen to our precious babies. 
Super Sophie has been the bravest, strongest, most amazing 10 year old girl you could ever hope to meet. She really is and will always be a superhero. She went through far more than any child her age should have to go through— more than any person should have to go through, for that matter. She carried herself with a grace and courage that most people 2 and 3 times her age. Being her mama is such a blessing and it has been and is my honor to care for her and fight for life over the last 3+ years. 
I will NEVER EVER stop fighting in her honor for the children like her. I am beyond grateful for the amazing love and continuous support that we have been blessed with. Thank you for loving our family so well. Thank you for loving and helping us fight for our girl, Super Sophie.

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