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Sawyer Strong

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To raise funding for researching for a cure for ARMS
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    Nina Summerlin

    $307.50 / 236 days ago

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    Ricky Blair

    $101.50 / 906 days ago

    Sawyer was a very special young man we all miss him so much Happy birthday in heaven Sawyer can’t wait to see you mama

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    Barrie Gray

    $263.90 / 915 days ago

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    Philip Armstrong

    $304.50 / 1251 days ago

    In loving memory of Sawyer for his 8th birthday

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    Bryant Bagwell

    $203.00 / 1263 days ago

    We lost Sawyer just before his 8th birthday. This donation is in honor of this brave little boy. We love him dearly. Thank you for trying to find a cure for this awful disease. The Bagwells

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    Tammy Martzin

    $203.00 / 1266 days ago

    We donate with love for our precious family and hope for others! May God bless the efforts to find a cure!

  • 35aebb524d5c0b10a1c5bddd06f1ec30? nophoto

    Nina Summerlin

    $2,030.00 / 1266 days ago

About Sawyer Strong

Sawyer was diagnosed with stage 4 ARMS March 18th 2020. He did well with frontline treatment for a few months then relapsed during treatment. After radiation to his entire head, and then entire spine, he was sent home on hospice care. He won his battle and went to Heaven on October 4th 2020. This is an aggressive, terrible cancer and kids need more of a fighting chance! Sawyer was a strong kid, often a leader. We always thought he would do big things with his life. Our hope is that through funding research, he will be able to lead the way to help other children fighting this cancer.

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