There are no survivors to DIPG, which has been responsible for the majority of pediatric brain tumor deaths for decades; accessing the tumor and finding the appropriate medicine for an individual child are the two main challenges to treating the deadliest pediatric cancer.  'Jack's 12 Pebbles' is an innovative, high-tech solution to finding the right combination therapy for any given child, and requires $75,000 to get the research past the prototype stage.  The description below gives more detailed information about the project.
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    I will keep donating to this wonderful research. It is so needed and such a worthy cause. We can find a cure with funding and awareness of DIPG. We can do it as a community and keep advocating to the government to raise the 4% of funding that children cancer receives and the less than 1% that DIPG receives. I will always continue to support this worthy cause until we find a cure!

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    Thank you for this opportunity to be directly involved in supporting pre-clinical research for DIPG. I wish more people understood how important this is, and the technology involved with the Jack's 12 Pebbles Project; it will have many applications!

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About Jack's 12 Pebbles

 Jack's 12 Pebbles Research Project at cc-TDI, through sophisticated microchip technology, determines over the course of a weekend the most efficacious combination of medicines for the particular child's tumor, solving the time-factor and safety issue in administering treatment.   Along with direct tumor access as being developed by Dr. Souweidane at Cornell and Dr. Gill at U. Bristol, UK, this could be truly one of the greatest innovations in treatment for DIPG. 

With the 1st Annual "Relay for Jack" event on May 28, 2016, at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area in Agua Dulce CA, Jack's Angels Foundation began donating proceeds to 'Jack's 12 Pebbles" Research Project at CC-TDI.  Jack's Angels Foundations new event also celebrates H.Res.69, the National DIPG Awareness Resolution which asks for elevated consideration for low survival rate cancers and years of life lost with NCI and other research supporters.  It also designates May 17 as DIPG Awareness Day.  We hope to raise awareness and support for the bill and the urgent need for pediatric brain tumor research. If anyone ever needed a Moonshot, our children with cancer and their families do. 

Wanna run for research?  The Virtual Relay for Jack continues!!

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