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The Prayers for Elijah Foundation, a non-profit (501(c)3) organization, is dedicated to advancing research and supporting treatment options for pediatric cancer patients with a vested interest in Epithelioid Sarcoma.
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  • Fb9ba46ff0c8d9f047cf7b4aff5df051? nophoto

    Mary Fisk

    $253.75 / 830 days ago

    Always thinking of you and your family.

  • 523f1e9309459b37529f24b08b7dbff1? nophoto

    Donna Reed

    $25.38 / 921 days ago

    Happy Birthday Sam! Blessings for many more.

  • Avatar person


    $112.78 / 925 days ago

    We have loved your family and prayed for you all through this tragedy - all the way back to Elijah's diagnoses. . We continue to pray for you and wear our Elijah shirts. You will forever be in our hearts and we will continue to donate through Prayers for Elijah and to children's cancer in hopes others will have a chance unlike our precious Elijah! Sam - we are proud of you buddy!! We love your heart!! ❤️❤️ Happy birthday sweet boy! xo -Rhiannon Lewis & Family

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Prayers for Elijah Foundation

    $500.00 / 938 days ago

  • 2ab1c3cd4a1fce614c2019d5d83598b0? nophoto

    Candra Payne

    $101.50 / 947 days ago

    Love y'all. Your hearts are always in my prayers. #beingboldforgold #dosomething

  • 430498b530b741a550ca7d2a59fd3e2f? nophoto

    Dennis McMahon

    $20.00 / 963 days ago

    Sometimes in our lives; we are blessed with a special person, coming in and turning us to the right path. Elijah did that for me and I will be forever grateful to him and his family. I wasn't blessed to MEET Elijah, personally; but I feel as if I've known him, his whole life. He proves that you don't have to be in physical contact with another human being, to love them. I love you, Elijah. I always have and I always will. I KNOW that one day I will have my dream come true....and that is to meet you. Thank you for coming into my life.

  • 2745b3020b57ececc29ac750e5e74c4f? nophoto

    Ashley Spry

    $10.15 / 976 days ago

  • 263d6788a8bfac9d88ffddf7e5532c83? nophoto

    Elizabeth Bujold

    $101.50 / 977 days ago

  • C548bf7fc86d290cebfe09f89c0f7256? nophoto


    $25.38 / 977 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $60.90 / 978 days ago

    Praying for a cure for children affected by childhood cancer.

  • 66a5a3c0592ef22642d3eb11fa5c2b0e? nophoto

    Brandi Reichert

    $5.08 / 981 days ago

  • Ccea8e91f4c25a659cd8e5a44d94dbc9? nophoto

    Jeffrey Blackwood

    $25.38 / 981 days ago

  • 3c542f210d0a0f63b020390627de4299? nophoto

    Rebecca Francis

    $101.50 / 982 days ago

  • 568251a2059ca871efbd8023a86fb513? nophoto

    Beverly Zoldak

    $51.51 / 982 days ago

    Continued prayers for your family. May a cure be found.

  • C272b0e808eeab5d0f42165043a46ac1? nophoto

    Shanno Chambers

    $50.75 / 982 days ago

  • E964f35555ae721cfa16d0a4d0512ee5? nophoto

    Meredith Sexton

    $101.50 / 982 days ago

    Wore a prayer warrior t-shirt today...great job Sam!

  • 37d4e6f2ca8e589bf839b73a035d6a4f? nophoto

    Platt Family

    $70.00 / 982 days ago

  • Standard 1dc38ce0 8e58 42d8 95b2 7ff247ce59a5

    Becky Hughes

    $870.00 / 982 days ago

    Triple C Beer Runners will continue to fight for our superhero, Elijah!

  • C176f574f579927c176e3e27b69f80c9? nophoto

    Linda Guin

    $10.15 / 985 days ago

  • 0daeca70415aa35c65f1f905a71a1026? nophoto

    Lucille Colon

    $25.38 / 985 days ago

    God Bless Becky and family!!

  • 496efe3682665ce50685e23396a05ac5? nophoto

    Frank Molteni

    $101.50 / 986 days ago

    Thanks for all your are doing to stop childhood cancer

  • Fba98a7ac58eaed1962ececf1b83c471? nophoto

    Letitia Driver

    $25.38 / 986 days ago

  • Cd61d71c607e4da2b0dbff94a4ca187c? nophoto

    Doug Cerasi

    $10.15 / 986 days ago

  • 4c996a2e71b6e69209cba5fef296ff01? nophoto

    Shannon Leckinger

    $30.45 / 987 days ago

  • 9b2722969ecfb43d9a940a845735d4aa? nophoto

    Samantha Keffer

    $10.15 / 987 days ago

  • Standard 1dc38ce0 8e58 42d8 95b2 7ff247ce59a5

    Becky Hughes

    $1,200.00 / 987 days ago

    Prayers for Elijah Foundation Junior Board challenges YOU--can you give just $1.00 to help find treatment options for kids like Elijah? He was our friend, our neighbor, our teammate, our big brother.

  • Df723e16490ca8adb7b2cd9ce0b7c20f? nophoto

    Amy Jones

    $50.00 / 987 days ago

    Hoping this small contribution will help make a difference. Continuing to pray for you and Sam, and for God to multiply these donations in the fight

  • Standard 1dc38ce0 8e58 42d8 95b2 7ff247ce59a5

    Becky Hughes

    $10.15 / 988 days ago

  • Aa988b1202deec9915814be360010498? nophoto

    Dawn Dugan

    $20.30 / 988 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $253.75 / 988 days ago

    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and Elijah and wish it had ended differently.

  • Ba172ca3f56161c1418421d172dae357? nophoto

    Kristi Cartee

    $50.00 / 988 days ago

  • 93fea99cb2a75088bfbb0bee5616bdb7? nophoto

    Kelli McBrayer

    $25.38 / 989 days ago

  • 052446ecd134320fd22a911c21a55cf2? nophoto

    Rhiannon Lewis

    $50.75 / 989 days ago

    We are so happy to hear this news! Keep searching for a cure. Elijah holds a special place in our hearts! We love you guys!!

  • 83cb88d3fba2a3f2ba5527bc458bd353? nophoto

    Joseph Blackwood

    $100.00 / 989 days ago

    Elijah we promised you we would keep fighting on your behalf and we are! Love ya! #NEVERGIVEUP

  • Standard 1dc38ce0 8e58 42d8 95b2 7ff247ce59a5

    Becky Hughes

    $10.15 / 989 days ago

  • 434ac6d187448c3d7e6fd8e6a22df256? nophoto

    Tracy Hipple

    $30.00 / 989 days ago

  • 2db5f0e008b32f06265d74d4661d4eac? nophoto

    Sue Hughes

    $1,000.00 / 989 days ago

    Praying for end of childhood cancer. No child should have to go through what Elijah did. "Prayers for Elijah Foundation" is working very hard to achieve this.

  • 7b036f517449fac937a75723637fc2b0? nophoto

    Suzanne Crswford

    $50.00 / 989 days ago

  • Aa13cbec236ff07bbb026df594a0ad3a? nophoto

    Martha Hillin

    $10.00 / 989 days ago

  • 430498b530b741a550ca7d2a59fd3e2f? nophoto

    Dennis McMahon

    $20.00 / 989 days ago

    Becky, Sam, Julie and EVERYONE at Prayers For Elijah Foundation is doing a magnificent job carrying Elijah's torch and continuing his mission to make Childhood Cancer a priority. 4% just isn't anywhere NEAR enough for these children. It sickens me to think that our children don't mean any more than that to those people. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE. W HAVE TO take care of them, or we have no future. I wish I could do more to help carry Elijah's torch. That magnificent young man, turned my life around and I will forever be grateful to him AND his family. P.F.E. Foundation ROCKS !!!!

  • Avatar person


    $10.15 / 989 days ago

About Prayers For Elijah Team Page

The Prayers for Elijah Foundation, a non-profit (501(c)3) organization, is dedicated to advancing research and supporting treatment options for pediatric cancer patients with a vested interest in Epithelioid Sarcoma. Elijah fought Epithelioid Sarcoma with everything he had and he didn't have treatment options that could cure him! CC-TDI is actively studying treatment options for kids with Epithelioid Sarcoma and our Foundation is standing with them in their efforts to give kids like Elijah a chance at beating their cancer. Your donation will help CC-TDI continue their research.     

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