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The Prayers for Elijah Foundation, a non-profit (501(c)3) organization, is dedicated to advancing research and supporting treatment options for pediatric cancer patients with a vested interest in Epithelioid Sarcoma.
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  • 430498b530b741a550ca7d2a59fd3e2f?

    Dennis McMahon

    $20.00 / 7 days ago

    Sometimes in our lives; we are blessed with a special person, coming in and turning us to the right path. Elijah did that for me and I will be forever grateful to him and his family. I wasn't blessed to MEET Elijah, personally; but I feel as if I've known him, his whole life. He proves that you don't have to be in physical contact with another human being, to love them. I love you, Elijah. I always have and I always will. I KNOW that one day I will have my dream come true....and that is to meet you. Thank you for coming into my life.

  • 2745b3020b57ececc29ac750e5e74c4f?

    Ashley Spry

    $10.15 / 20 days ago

  • 263d6788a8bfac9d88ffddf7e5532c83?

    Elizabeth Bujold

    $101.50 / 21 days ago

  • C548bf7fc86d290cebfe09f89c0f7256?


    $25.38 / 21 days ago

  • Avatar-nophoto


    $60.90 / 22 days ago

    Praying for a cure for children affected by childhood cancer.

  • 66a5a3c0592ef22642d3eb11fa5c2b0e?

    Brandi Reichert

    $5.08 / 25 days ago

  • Ccea8e91f4c25a659cd8e5a44d94dbc9?

    Jeffrey Blackwood

    $25.38 / 25 days ago

  • 3c542f210d0a0f63b020390627de4299?

    Rebecca Francis

    $101.50 / 26 days ago

  • 568251a2059ca871efbd8023a86fb513?

    Beverly Zoldak

    $51.51 / 26 days ago

    Continued prayers for your family. May a cure be found.

  • C272b0e808eeab5d0f42165043a46ac1?

    Shanno Chambers

    $50.75 / 26 days ago

  • E964f35555ae721cfa16d0a4d0512ee5?

    Meredith Sexton

    $101.50 / 26 days ago

    Wore a prayer warrior t-shirt today...great job Sam!

  • 37d4e6f2ca8e589bf839b73a035d6a4f?

    Platt Family

    $70.00 / 26 days ago

  • Standard_triple_c_beer_runners_logo

    Triple C Beer Runners

    $870.00 / 26 days ago

    Triple C Beer Runners will continue to fight for our superhero, Elijah!

  • C176f574f579927c176e3e27b69f80c9?

    Linda Guin

    $10.15 / 29 days ago

  • 0daeca70415aa35c65f1f905a71a1026?

    Lucille Colon

    $25.38 / 29 days ago

    God Bless Becky and family!!

  • 496efe3682665ce50685e23396a05ac5?

    Frank Molteni

    $101.50 / 30 days ago

    Thanks for all your are doing to stop childhood cancer

  • Fba98a7ac58eaed1962ececf1b83c471?

    Letitia Driver

    $25.38 / 30 days ago

  • Cd61d71c607e4da2b0dbff94a4ca187c?

    Doug Cerasi

    $10.15 / 30 days ago

  • 4c996a2e71b6e69209cba5fef296ff01?

    Shannon Leckinger

    $30.45 / 31 days ago

  • 9b2722969ecfb43d9a940a845735d4aa?

    Samantha Keffer

    $10.15 / 31 days ago

  • Standard_elijah_sunflower

    PFE Foundation

    $1,200.00 / 31 days ago

    Prayers for Elijah Foundation Junior Board challenges YOU--can you give just $1.00 to help find treatment options for kids like Elijah? He was our friend, our neighbor, our teammate, our big brother.

  • Df723e16490ca8adb7b2cd9ce0b7c20f?

    Amy Jones

    $50.00 / 31 days ago

    Hoping this small contribution will help make a difference. Continuing to pray for you and Sam, and for God to multiply these donations in the fight

  • Tho%2bhppck47j3ulzs%3d&expires=1535017737

    PFE Foundation

    $10.15 / 32 days ago

  • Aa988b1202deec9915814be360010498?

    Dawn Dugan

    $20.30 / 32 days ago

  • Avatar-nophoto


    $253.75 / 32 days ago

    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and Elijah and wish it had ended differently.

  • Ba172ca3f56161c1418421d172dae357?

    Kristi Cartee

    $50.00 / 32 days ago

  • 93fea99cb2a75088bfbb0bee5616bdb7?

    Kelli McBrayer

    $25.38 / 33 days ago

  • 052446ecd134320fd22a911c21a55cf2?

    Rhiannon Lewis

    $50.75 / 33 days ago

    We are so happy to hear this news! Keep searching for a cure. Elijah holds a special place in our hearts! We love you guys!!

  • 83cb88d3fba2a3f2ba5527bc458bd353?

    Joseph Blackwood

    $100.00 / 33 days ago

    Elijah we promised you we would keep fighting on your behalf and we are! Love ya! #NEVERGIVEUP

  • Tho%2bhppck47j3ulzs%3d&expires=1535017737

    PFE Foundation

    $10.15 / 33 days ago

  • 434ac6d187448c3d7e6fd8e6a22df256?

    Tracy Hipple

    $30.00 / 33 days ago

  • 2db5f0e008b32f06265d74d4661d4eac?

    Sue Hughes

    $1,000.00 / 33 days ago

    Praying for end of childhood cancer. No child should have to go through what Elijah did. "Prayers for Elijah Foundation" is working very hard to achieve this.

  • 7b036f517449fac937a75723637fc2b0?

    Suzanne Crswford

    $50.00 / 33 days ago

  • Aa13cbec236ff07bbb026df594a0ad3a?

    Martha Hillin

    $10.00 / 33 days ago

  • 430498b530b741a550ca7d2a59fd3e2f?

    Dennis McMahon

    $20.00 / 33 days ago

    Becky, Sam, Julie and EVERYONE at Prayers For Elijah Foundation is doing a magnificent job carrying Elijah's torch and continuing his mission to make Childhood Cancer a priority. 4% just isn't anywhere NEAR enough for these children. It sickens me to think that our children don't mean any more than that to those people. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE. W HAVE TO take care of them, or we have no future. I wish I could do more to help carry Elijah's torch. That magnificent young man, turned my life around and I will forever be grateful to him AND his family. P.F.E. Foundation ROCKS !!!!

  • Avatar-nophoto


    $10.15 / 33 days ago

About Prayers For Elijah Team Page

The Prayers for Elijah Foundation, a non-profit (501(c)3) organization, is dedicated to advancing research and supporting treatment options for pediatric cancer patients with a vested interest in Epithelioid Sarcoma. Elijah fought Epithelioid Sarcoma with everything he had and he didn't have treatment options that could cure him! CC-TDI is actively studying treatment options for kids with Epithelioid Sarcoma and our Foundation is standing with them in their efforts to give kids like Elijah a chance at beating their cancer. Your donation will help CC-TDI continue their research.     

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