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    Liz and Bob Webster

    $205.00 / 546 days ago

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    Johnna Collett

    $25.00 / 581 days ago

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    Mimie Shin

    $100.00 / 581 days ago

    I have fond memories of Alex and continue to pray for your family!

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    Logan Hagan

    $50.75 / 670 days ago

    Rest in paradise, Alex. Hugs to you all!

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    Paul McCrone

    $50.75 / 671 days ago

    Everyone should give here!

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    Holly Perkins

    $101.50 / 1969 days ago

    Alex McCrone will live in our hearts forever. Thank you for your teachings and all about love, Alex. Holly Perkins

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    AMBAG Association

    $253.75 / 2120 days ago

    MMcCrone family, our deepest condolences on your loss. - AMBAG staff

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    Yuliyana Mihaylov

    $100.00 / 2120 days ago

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    Joyce Giuffre

    $100.00 / 2120 days ago

    May God bless your family and bring you comfort as you mourn Alex’s passing. Please take care.

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    Diane Sue Grindol

    $30.00 / 2121 days ago

    May Alex live on in your hearts, and may God wrap you in comfort at this huge loss. So sorry. So very sorry. Diane Grindol

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    $50.75 / 2122 days ago

    Dear Sasha, We are heartbroken for you. I'm sorry I never met Alex. I imagine he had your same wit, spunk and determination. What a lovely way to memorialize his life. Your writing friend, Ellen Tucker

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    Rozalina Moxley

    $100.00 / 2122 days ago

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    Anna Lakomcik

    $100.00 / 2122 days ago

    Paul, Sasha, Nick and Andrew: We are so so sorry Alex lost his battle to cancer and are praying for healing and God’s strength as you grieve now and miss him dearly until you meet again. We are also praying for the repose of his soul and that Jesus welcomes him with open arms in paradise where he will suffer no longer. Much love from all of us, Nick, Anna, Alexander, Lilyanna, Gwen and Jason

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