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Nikita's Fundraising for Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute

Nikita Chincholkar / Honor Pages

Let's help shape the future where every child's battle with cancer ends in victory, with advancing our understanding and finding treatment for underserved Childhood Cancer!!
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Recent Transactions

  • Avatar person


    $25.63 / 114 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $51.25 / 114 days ago

    Missed Nikita's performance as we were out for a family event in Seattle. Can't wait for the next one.

  • Avatar person


    $25.63 / 114 days ago

    Congratulations Nikitha for your effort behind this fund raiser initiative and Children cancer therapy development for all the effort to brong hope in lives around.

  • C9d6878e72c7a62eeb176fe609e16fc4? nophoto

    Sapna Sharma

    $51.25 / 115 days ago

    Nikita, your performance from yesterday was amazing!!! All your hard work paid off. We really hope your dreams come true. Best wishes, Vikrant, Sapna, Savi & Ashvik :))).

  • 302cdffee4d2a8f81547bed3d6ba901e? nophoto

    Rohit Vidwans

    $100.00 / 115 days ago

  • 957a37473057161aa3f161f204470520? nophoto

    Peggy Mitchell

    $51.25 / 115 days ago

  • Ece9809ac267587c19b96df35a041ed3? nophoto

    Nirant Puntambekar

    $100.00 / 116 days ago

    So happy to support such a cause by our very talented and altruistic niece! With best wishes - May all your wishes and dreams come true Nikita!

  • 90233db34167a99bc908e8c984edfa09? nophoto


    $200.00 / 116 days ago

    Nikita, your performance tobight was such a beauty and your passion for the cause makes it that much profound.

  • 1570fb3f698c82a4c6c6dc631fc6520b? nophoto

    Priya Ajgaonkar

    $100.00 / 116 days ago

  • F50b1e62a8ff08fcdb99080b6bcfe66e? nophoto

    Jyoti Menon

    $25.63 / 116 days ago

    All the best Nikita! Very noble cause.

  • Avatar person


    $50.00 / 116 days ago

    Great effort Nikita towards supporting Children's Cancer Therapy development.

  • Df5dd8c8409adf9bcf5b201bfe5ddd4c? nophoto

    Divya Prabhakar

    $25.00 / 116 days ago

  • Ddd5c23731ed1a1173642be2dea366f9? nophoto

    Sunita Pai

    $30.00 / 116 days ago

  • C119ab111d0d15751efddd11aeb397a8? nophoto

    Geetanjali Mirani

    $100.00 / 116 days ago

    Best wishes Nikita

  • 0600587f438d20e426da8bd54f0051be? nophoto

    Donalyn Ramones

    $50.00 / 116 days ago

    Thank you Nikita for your dedication in supporting a great organization!

  • B99b27bc9ae46776f038f72e1f899f7c? nophoto

    Priya Vasudevan

    $100.00 / 116 days ago

    Priya & Sathish

  • 037cebfcaf802267994dc5e6ff877509? nophoto

    Mini Ogle

    $25.00 / 116 days ago

  • 397f7e180c44f70fe95803f1cc49b34b? nophoto

    Mahesh Asolkar

    $30.00 / 121 days ago

  • Ce672c008eff6b79432c39a1cf4e99d8? nophoto

    Maneesha Pandit

    $100.00 / 121 days ago

  • Ddd89eb771c24b90541099dcde4dcacf? nophoto

    Jenny Kwon

    $30.75 / 122 days ago

    Happy to support a great person and cause!

  • 36ef010d35a66cb891eaf497710cb386? nophoto

    Chinna Prudvi

    $51.25 / 122 days ago

    Nikita , All the best with your dance performance!!! Shruthi, Sreedevi, Abhinav & Chinna

  • 5eb7acf75cb0748535439c28762e4d8d? nophoto

    Girish Gopal

    $102.50 / 122 days ago

    Wishing you the very best for your dance performance, and kudos for raising funds to support a noble cause. Keep up the great work!

  • 1a59d3c4dd531e03e606bc8b48bd101c? nophoto

    Traci Schick

    $25.63 / 122 days ago

  • 363e96c7932a5b48031dc0b110920a96? nophoto

    Milind Pandit

    $100.00 / 122 days ago

  • Ff8a3132f6cdc5cee5d3fb5a823e8e6f? nophoto

    Greg Moore

    $50.00 / 125 days ago

    Nikita, thank you for dedicating your dance performance to help this great cause.

About Nikita's Fundraising for Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute

Despite more than 15,000 estimated cases of childhood cancer in the US each year (, there's a tremendous opportunity to advance our understanding and treatment for some of the most underserved childhood cancers. By providing support, you empower dedicated scientists at cc-TDI, a family-forward and innovation-forward organization, to explore critical avenues for childhood cancer research, investing in a pipeline to bring safe therapies to clinical trials.

This cause is very important to me. It all started when I did my 5th grade Capstone project on childhood cancer. At the time I was shocked to learn about the little funding given for childhood cancer research, and since then I have raised awareness on this issue through organizations like the Childhood Cancer Association. When I had this opportunity to perform a Margam, I decided I would use the platform to raise some money in support as well. Your actions, generosity, and advocacy will shape a future where every child's cancer battle ends in victory, bringing hope to families and children facing unimaginable challenges.

Thank you for your donations, every donation small or big, counts!

Nikita Chincholkar

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