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To support cc-TDI in the critical efforts to find a cure for RMS and create a new and highly- efficacious pre-clinical research modality to stop Childhood Cancers.
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    Julia McGuire

    $101.50 / 64 days ago

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    Wendi Higginbotham

    $152.25 / 64 days ago

    Juju was such a fighter , we will forever will hold her in our hearts ♥️

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    Eran Liron

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    Eran Liron

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    Gillian Sullivan

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    Stefanie Bichsel

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    Mark Hyde

    $507.50 / 65 days ago

    Thank you cc-TDI, for all that you do, for never ceasing to work for our children. And for remembering them and holding them in your hearts, too.

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    Alex Harper

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    Julia McGuire

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    Richard Axebro

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    Russell Wagner

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    Paula Guy

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    Mark Hyde

    $101.50 / 528 days ago

    A first next step...and hoping to be joined by many. The Hyde Family thanks all who follow!

About Needle from the Haystack -- The Juju's Journey Honor/Donation Page

Juju's Journey supports cc-TDI's 'Needle from the Haystack' research in re-purposing an existing, FDA-approved drug for the treatment of Rhabdomyosarcoma.  It's an exciting and promising project (in conjunction with a Swiss pharma partner, which has made it's entire compound portfolio available for review and research) that may deliver a tolerable and novel therapy for kids.  (See the blog at jujusjourney.org for more.)

Help us support cc-TDI in these important research efforts that will ultimately benefit children--and their families--the world over.  Thank you for being part of the solution!

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