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  • Karen Vares

    $102.50 / 654 days ago

    Remembering my lovely granddaughter, Nathalie. Gone but not forgotten! Please continue to research treatment for ASPS. Many other children are waiting for a cure!

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 865 days ago

    Thank you for researching cures for childhood cancer!

  • Karen Vares

    $100.00 / 1017 days ago

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 1112 days ago

    In memory of my wonderful granddaughter, Nathalie. Please keep fighting for a cure for ASPS!

  • Jennifer Frey

    $500.00 / 1474 days ago

    Mr. Traller helped me realize this was an important cause and I want to be part of the change. I want to honor the memory of Nathalie. -Adah-

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 1527 days ago

    Thank you, CCTDI staff for researching cures for children's cancer. In memory of Nathalie. Keep fighting the fight!

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 1607 days ago

    Please continue to search for a cure for ASPS!

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 1649 days ago

    Happy Birthday, sweet Nathalie! You would have turned 21 today. Remembering you with love today and always, Grandma

  • Karen Vares

    $40.60 / 1707 days ago

    Love you, sweet Nathalie!

  • Karen Vares

    $71.05 / 1864 days ago

    With love to Nathalie, Nathan, Vicki and Kelley, and prayers for a cure for ASPS! For a world without childhood cancer.

  • Karen Vares

    $76.12 / 1919 days ago

    Nathalie, you are in my thoughts every day...with love, Grandma

  • Karen Vares

    $101.50 / 2070 days ago

    Remembering my very special granddaughter, Nathalie, each and every day.

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 2183 days ago

    Please keep working for a cure for ASPS!

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 2210 days ago

    Honoring my beloved granddaughter, Nathalie, who left us too soon. Thank you for continuing to research a cure for ASPS!

  • Karen Vares

    $50.75 / 2270 days ago

    Remembering Nathalie with deep love and praying for a cure for ASPS.

  • Karen Vares

    $101.50 / 2312 days ago

    Thank you for researching to find a cure for ASPS!

  • Sarah Mattecheck

    $20.00 / 2359 days ago

  • Karen Vares

    $60.90 / 2367 days ago

    My granddaughter, Nathalie, was a precious jewel that shone so brightly! Full of passion, strength, intelligence and compassion for others. We miss her every day. Please help cc-TDI find a cure for ASPS, a very rare but brutal sarcoma that took Nathalie's life at 16 years old. We need a cure soon to save other children and young adults that have ASPS.

  • Chris Waehrer

    $253.75 / 2370 days ago

    Always thinking of Nathalie. Honoring Eli Waehrer. #stillhopingforacure. #kickasps. #teameli.

  • Karen Vares

    $101.50 / 2450 days ago

    Please help other children with ASPS, by helping find a cure for this deadly cancer that took my granddaughter, Nathalie.

  • Karen Vares

    $101.50 / 2522 days ago

    I am very thankful that CC-TDI is researching ASPS, as it is a devastating disease that took my beautiful granddaughter, Nathalie. Please keep researching rare children's cancers. We need you to help save our children!

  • Stacy Ufer Lori Hokomoto

    $500.00 / 2549 days ago

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