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The mission of MIB, is to make it better for children and young adults undergoing treatment for cancer. We undertake this mission with a view toward hope that it will get better. Our primary approach is in the form of a letter from a survivor (MIB Agent) of the same surgery/disease to the patient. Letters are also invited from the community-at-large. MIB Agents are of the belief that Hope is the most important defense in conquering cancer.
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MIB Agents is sponsoring CCTDI in their research that is looking at the types of non chemo drugs that can re-program osteosarcoma tumor cells to STOP GROWING or make them go away all together!  The first step is to define the classes of drugs that work as a single agent, then find a combination of the right 2 drug combinations.  Clinical trials are up next - first treating dogs with osteo through Colorado State University, then people!  Help CCTDI and MIB Make It Better for kids (and dogs!) with osteosarcoma!

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