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I plan on doing the Des Plaines River Trail Half Marathon on October 17, and to go along with that, I am raising funds for the Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute. This will give me a goal outside of getting a fast time, and will help motivate me to do my best. For anyone curious, my goal time is under 90 minutes, so an average of around 6:50 per mile.
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I was diagnosed with Stage IV Fusion-Positive Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in August 2016. Following my full diagnosis, I was shocked by the meager survival rate for patients with this disease. There are varying numbers out there, but for my diagnosis, three-year survival rates are under 10%, so in the single digits. Now, nearly five years later, I am alive and well, for which I am incredibly grateful. However, clearly the same cannot be said for most, and relapse is still a very real possibility for me, even at this point. Three years ago I did my first half marathon, and it was for the fun and accomplishment of finishing a half marathon, not for the time. It is satisfying for my fitness level to be far beyond that point, and to be able to focus on my training, racing, and fundraising, with little concern for how my body will operate. Running is one of my biggest passions, and in raising funds for CC-TDI, I hope to allow more children and adolescents diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma to live longer, healthier lives, in which they can pursue their own passions.

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