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Kelsey and Alex

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    $101.50 / 825 days ago

    Sending my deepest thoughts to Alex (and the fur babies), Jackson, Amy and Rich. Kelsey changed my life when we sat down next to each other years ago at orientation. A wizard with words. I’ll always remember her when I see fields of sunflowers. She was an incredible person and an honest one.

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    Cecelia Muir

    $101.50 / 849 days ago

  • 43611c0e34350ec05d951da5efb21bf2? nophoto

    Amy Solis-Haynes

    $101.50 / 866 days ago

    Donation from Kelsey’s Aunt & Uncle, Helen & Terry Meier. It is their hope that research will help to find a cure for all varieties of cancer. — Love to Kelsey and Alex for supporting that effort. Helen

  • 874c4feeac6e41d219e98a2b12289d89? nophoto

    Lynn Tozier

    $101.50 / 873 days ago

    My brother Rich has been blessed to be a part of the this incredible family.

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    $300.00 / 883 days ago

    In memory of Kelsey's dad, Brad, who loved her so very, very much.

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    Seth Charles

    $30.45 / 883 days ago

  • 59c5bf04e53845662ab8d83393be369f? nophoto

    Heather Hafner

    $30.00 / 883 days ago

  • 31be262969881aa2410ac05a094fa229? nophoto

    Miles Beckstead

    $30.00 / 883 days ago

  • C5398757fed53ce6ae0534e92a6a5e1b? nophoto

    Lisa Parsell

    $30.00 / 883 days ago

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    Will Betts

    $30.00 / 883 days ago

  • 01e49f49d669980c9045707c49233b55? nophoto

    Nicholas Kreps

    $30.00 / 883 days ago

  • 2a30bdf9c1649e0ad476181a8207d78c? nophoto

    Colleen Rice

    $30.45 / 883 days ago

  • 33f2871818b4bc014257b3afa9b5e925? nophoto

    Sarah Lubecki

    $30.45 / 883 days ago

  • 379f1953bd04fc2b29d28c27c592698a? nophoto

    Jenifer Collins

    $20.30 / 883 days ago

  • 1288415de1b23d53c4a131316c88b7f7? nophoto

    Ian Brandon

    $101.50 / 883 days ago

  • 668a745f923a4c06bc3df2e673088d87? nophoto

    Rachel Ha'o

    $100.00 / 883 days ago

    Proud to work alongside Alex and sending love and support to Kelsey <3

  • Ca3e3f5c9b1acbb25e2864c663b7cb69? nophoto

    Jamie Lipiner

    $20.00 / 883 days ago

  • 81ab0cdf9db1f3eb55d9720abd65f96f? nophoto

    Stephen Frost

    $100.00 / 883 days ago

  • 06531cc6aa0e90abeb4bf86ab39abce1? nophoto

    Neil Smith

    $30.00 / 883 days ago

  • Ec0ea31e1c0c821307906d2c4294e574? nophoto

    Cheryl Wakeman

    $76.13 / 887 days ago

    There are no words to help with the loss of your beautiful Kelsey. With sympathy, Cheryl and Michael, Aimee, and Levi

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    $50.75 / 889 days ago

  • 34c8e8385661af80bafe3f9850080615? nophoto

    Riley Gardner

    $50.75 / 890 days ago

  • 8a800f02122538929e488d5cd4bd6230? nophoto

    Marc Richardson

    $50.75 / 892 days ago

    Alex, thank you for sharing Kelsey’s story. What a touching and impactful tribute to her beautiful life. The Richardsons

  • 1f6cab4c6984d1f484942e32b982c4b2? nophoto

    Andrew Gilhart

    $101.50 / 893 days ago

    Emma and Andrew will never forget the light and smile Kelsey brought us and so many others.

  • A01f528f97cda2de0fb57cccda2ce4da? nophoto

    Heather Christensen

    $50.75 / 894 days ago

About Kelsey and Alex

In March of 2020, my wife, Kelsey, was diagnosed with an exceptionally rare childhood cancer (that on even rarer occasions can affect adults) called rhabdomyosarcoma. The truly heartbreaking thing about childhood cancers is that options for treatment are incredibly limited due to a severe lack in research funding. Only about 4% of the billions of dollars the government spends annually on cancer research is directed towards treating childhood cancer, while it is still the number one cause of death by disease among children and young adults. 

There are new discoveries made in research labs but they are rarely, if ever, translated into new treatments for children. The process of turning a new scientific discovery into a new treatment is tedious, time-consuming, and rarely generates big profits. Kids wait for cures in hospital beds while potential discoveries lie dormant in scientific journals. Today we still have childhood cancers without any effective treatments upon diagnosis or relapse. 

Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) is making huge strides towards further research and clinical trials. Every year the FDA approves, on average, 12 drugs to treat adult cancer, but has only approved a total of 8 drugs to treat childhood cancer since 1978. Since their inception in 2015, cc-TDI has pushed two drugs into three clinical trials to treat childhood cancer. These are just a couple of great facts they have on their website - they have tons more great facts, stories, and ways to get involved whether by donating time or money. 

Thank you for your support!

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