Year End 2023 Campaign

Year-End Giving 2023

Our Year-End Giving campaign is underway! Your partnership, advocacy and financial support makes all the difference as we strive to reach our critical $350,000 goal to fund ongoing research initiatives.

"Our Why" is the heartbeat of our mission at cc-TDI, driven with the stories of young heroes who have faced the formidable challenge of childhood cancer. Throughout this month, we're privileged to share three incredible narratives, starting with the inspiring journey of Ally Anderson, who confronted alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma with unparalleled bravery. These stories represent more than just medical battles; they encapsulate the resilience, hope, and determination of our heroes. Each tale underscores the urgent need for increased awareness and funding for pediatric cancer research. Through these narratives, we invite you to discover the profound "why" behind our unwavering dedication to making childhood cancer universally survivable. Join us in amplifying their voices and supporting our cause to give back childhood. #givingbackchildhood